How to format a computer
& install Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7


Does your computer hang up once in a while? Do you feel that your computer is unnecessarily slow? In case you do, then your computer needs formatting. For proper maintenance of the computer, formatting on a regular basis (every 9-12 months) is recommended. A reliable PC is needed noways for almost every task. Needless to say that for those who are living a fast track digital life, the efficiency of the computer is one of the most important criteria for success. That is why you need to continuously ensure that your computer is in first class state.

What is included?

  • Before the format: Files and settings that will be deleted with Computer Format!
  • A list of files & folders to backup before formatting
  • Drivers preparation (IMPORTANT!)
  • The 2 hours Format Process Explained
  • Windows XP Format & Install – How to (detailed with Step-by-Step screenshots)
  • Windows Vista Format & Install – How to (detailed with Step-by-Step screenshots)
  • Windows 7 Format & Install – How to (detailed with Step-by-Step screenshots)
  • Format Complete, now what ?
  • Drivers Installation – How to
  • Software AutoInstaller – Antivirus, Audio software, Video software, CD/DVD burn software, Audio/Video Codecs, Webmedia players, Chat clients – MSN, Skype



What is formatting?


So what exactly is formatting? Everyone has heard the about term formatting. In fact, most of us know how important it is to get your computer formatted. Yet, very few of us know how to go about the process of formatting. As a matter of fact, most of us are not even aware what formatting is? What does the whole process involve?


Formatting actually deletes unwanted and corrupt files on a disk.  The most obvious question that would come to your mind is why format when we have an option for delete? The delete option on our computer does not really delete the files. It just changes the file allocation table. That is exactly why it is often possible to retrieve a deleted file. However when we are formatting, the entire disk is rewritten and purged off of all the unwanted stuff.


When do you we need formatting?


The question that many ask is, why would we need formatting in the first place? What are the problems that are solved by formatting? There are loads of sources of the problems that led to damage to the computer or some part of it. Let us take a quick look at what these problems are.



  • Virus Attack: Virus attack is one of the most feared problem is the world of computers. While sometimes the damages caused by the virus can be quite minor, there are other instances where a case of virus attack lead to quite a massive loss. Most of the tasks that we perform on the computer are generally done online. The help of the internet is always needed. And it is the online community which is primarily responsible for the transfer of the virus. When your computer is attacked by one of these viruses, the best way to manage the problem is to format the computer.


  • Damage of operating files: The computer is a storehouse of files. However, to run the computer efficiently, there are a number of operating files stored in the computer. If one or more of these files are damaged, the efficiency of the computer degrades extremely. Formatting is the only way to solve this problem. If the formatting is complete and done well, then the damaged files are gone away with and replaced with new/original files in their place.


  • Corrupt files: A corrupt file can often cause more damage than a virus attack. As an example, when a file while being saved on the computer is fine, yet after sometime you might find that this file has gone corrupt. Often this corrupt file ends up affecting the other files and discs in the computer.


  • Unknown reason: There are many instances when you find that your computer is just not working properly, the computer becomes unstable or slow or you might find that your computer does not get booted up properly. These are sure signs of the fact that your computer needs formatting.


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What’s next?


So you know that your computer needs formatting. What do you do next? How do you go about this task of getting your computer to work as efficiently as before? The easiest mode is to hire a professional who knows how to format a computer. However, when hiring a professional


  • The charge is an exorbitantly high price for a task that can easily be done by you. The market price for the task is $120. The work does not even take more than 2 hours.
  • Generally the rule is that these professionals make you sign a contract of no accountability. In case any damage does take place in the process or you lose any important file that was meant to be kept as a back up, you cannot blame them.


How can you solve the problem?


This is a genuine quandary. On one hand, it is impossible to work with a computer which is in dire need of formatting. Yet, on the other hand you know that hiring a professional is expensive.

So what can you do?

Learn how to format a computer yourself. To help you through the process, this ebook can help you. This eguide will take you through the whole process in a methodical way. You are not just told about the dos and don’ts of the process. You actually get a technical know-how that goes behind the whole task of formatting a computer.

This eguide provides a detailed step by step guide on how to format a computer with windows XP, 7 and Vista. Starting from how to have the drivers prepared for formatting up to the installation of important software after format, the book tells you all. We are all dependent on computers which needs formatting time to time. In view of this fact, this book is a must have. What are you waiting for? Get a copy of this book immediately.

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